The Founder

Popular Rubber Works Private Ltd Late Shri B.K. Sarkar. The founder of this establishment started his business to supply all the regular needs directly related to maintain productivity of several industries earlier in the year 1947. The company got registered under West Bengal & Central Sales Tax Act . Now this company is carrying its business with entire satisfied customers all over India.

Our Vision

We are manufacturing for various industries like electricity board, thermal power station, coalieries, chemical plants, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, naval-marine, fertilizer plants and ordinance factories for the last fifty years. This company is successfully conducting two manufacturing units in Kolkata, India. Importantly it strives for developing the units to yield best products implementing new methods.

The Aim

This company possess ISI License to manufacture ISI mark Synthetic Insulated Mat as per IS-15652/06. Besides this there are other regular manufacturing items-namely, all sorts of industrial rubber sheets, rubber lagging sheets, rubberized cork sheets (transformer Quality), all types of moulding and extrusion jobs as per order. This company is also eager to extend its Business to overseas countries. All the patrons are cordially welcome in this Regard.

Quality AssuranceQuality

We try and maintain the quality of the products by keeping a stringent check on each stages of the production process. All our automotive rubber components and molded rubber components right from the raw material till the final finish are duly checked for their quality in our in house quality control laboratory. Our vigilant team of qualified quality personnel performs stringent quality checks at every stage of production. We use the following machinery for testing these components. They are:
Hardness Tester
Specific Gravity Tester
Tensile and Elongation Testing Equipment
Compression Set Apparatus (for both stress and strain)
Aging oven for accelerated aging test (air circulating for heataging)
Aging oven for oil aging testing.

Proud of it's journeyJourney

Popular Rubber Works has experienced great growth over the years, but we’ve strived to maintain a family atmosphere where employees can thrive and succeed. Without a doubt, the people behind Popular Rubber Works are the cornerstone of our company’s success.
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